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Email Hosting and Encryption

With the need for faster communication today, N6 technologies can host your email guarantying a 99.9% up time. Information Privacy has never been more important. We take information privacy very seriously. Our email hosting and email encryption solution will allow you to send email securely while staying compliant with HIPAA, SOX, and other government information regulations.

With our email Hosting and Email Encryption Service we will:

  • Guarantee 99.9% up time
  • Provide you with a custom email address to fit your company’s name
  • Host your email in a secure data center, keeping your information secure
  • Prevent unwanted emails from reaching your account with our SPAM Filter
  • Provide you with email encryption to stay compliant with government’s regulation such as HIPAA and SOX
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Application Development and Private Cloud

Need a custom web application for your business? Need a dedicated environment to host your application or share your data with your employees? Or do you need a place to make sure your website is up and running? N6 Technologies can build you a custom web app, a private cloud to host it in, and host your website to make sure your application and website is running 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
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IT Consulting & Budgeting

The world of business technology is constantly changing. Here at N6 Technologies, we are up on the latest trends to help give our customers the edge. We can help you get the best technology into your business at the lowest cost, so your employees are efficient and effective.

With IT Consulting and Budgeting Service We Will:

  • Design a solution to fit your budget and needs.
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Data Backup With Offsite Replication

Your data is the heart of your business. Losing data, accidentally deleting a file can cost your business money. As a StorageCraft partner, we use the best-in-class backup and disaster recovery software to keep your data safe. In the event of an emergency or catastrophe, we can recover your data.

Want to add an extra layer of protection to your data? Contact us. We can replicate your data to an off-site location.

Data Backup
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24 / 7 Systems Monitoring

24-7 Systems Monitoring
Whether you’re running Mac OS X, Windows Desktop, Windows Server, or Linux, we monitor your systems to keep it running. In the event of an issue, we’ll be alerted immediately and we proactively respond and fix the issue, keeping your systems and network running efficiently.

With our 24/7 monitoring service we will:

  • Monitor systems, respond and resolve related issues
  • Apply operating system updates for Apple, Linux, and Windows
  • Apply third party software updates such as Adobe Reader and Java
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Network Design & Security

N6 Technologies can conceptualize, design, purchase, implement and support your business’ network infrastructure and keep it up-to-date. Let us help you build your network that is scalable to your ever changing business needs. We will ensure your data is backed up and supported by our staff around the clock.

With our Network Design and Security we will:

  • Design and implement a secure network to keep you business safe
  • Monitor and respond to any network outages or issues
  • Put in place a redundant network to make sure your business is constantly up and running
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Virus and Malware Protection

As a Trend Micro partner, we use the latest technology to protect your system from virus and malware ensuring your network is safe and your data is protected.

With our Virus and Malware Protection Service we will:

  • Monitor your systems with the best in the industry virus and malware protection software
  • Make sure your virus definitions are up-to-date
  • Quarantine and remove any potential threat before it affects your business
Virus and Malware Protection
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Onsite and Remote Tech Support

Not only will we be monitoring your system around-the-clock, but we’ll also be in constant communication so any issues, big or small, are addressed immediately. Our 24-hour remote help desk offers excellent customer service at a modest price. N6 will act as your IT department without all the cost. Our staff will automatically apply software updates and patches during off hours and manage regular data backups.

Have a computer problem, contact our help desk team 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we’ll remotely troubleshoot and fix your issue. Need someone onsite to assist with your IT, we’ll have someone there so you can focus on running your business

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Helpful Tech Tips – Submit Your Question

Welcome to our new website’s Tech Tips and Tricks Blog!

Our Tech Tips and Tricks blog is a place where you can go to get advice or suggestions on anything technology related. If you have a technology question (and you know you do), fill out our contact form and let us know! We are happy to share our expertise and may even feature your question here, so others can benefit from it as well.

So don’t be shy, submit your question today!

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Web Design

Let N6 Technologies help put the Internet to work for you. We will help brand and design your business website using the latest tools available. We can help you build a professional online presence that can help capture and grow your business.

Web Design Services Include:

  • Website Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Copywriting
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